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Completion/Vision Planner 2016/2017

This planning tool will support your success in any area of your life. For the best results create an inspiring vision that you can be committed to achieving. Keep it handy and refer to this plan frequently throughout the year. Share your vision and goals with a support team, a coach or any person who is willing to hold you accountable.

I-Complete 2016

The purpose of completion is to acknowledge the truth about where you are now so you can move on freely and powerfully to plan for the new year.

II-Vision 2017

Create a vision of your ideal self…the best you can be for the new year. What personal changes will you need to make? What habits and preparation are required from you and how will you have to act in 2017 to turn your vision into reality? Consider any beliefs or assumptions you may wish to change or let go of in order to achieve your vision.


Goals are specific and measurable. In order to achieve your outcome, you need a plan and specific action steps. Imagine yourself now at the end of 2017. Take a look and see what you have accomplished in the following areas: