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Executive Coaching

Personal Coaching for Advertising and Marketing Executives

Ad Agency people are a special breed and they need a particular brand of care and feeding. They must perform brilliantly in a highly competitive industry with rapid technological changes. Advertising is a great way to make a living but advertising as an industry is under attack and so are you. A lot of the ad work itself reflects this-it tends to be safe, cautious and derivative.

As an agency leader, you are under immense pressure to perform on the ground, though you also live in an abstract world of ideas. Your industry is changing underfoot as technology shifts on a daily basis. All the old paradigms are in transition constantly. As a marketing executive you are also under pressure because today it is harder than ever to gain a sustainable advantage over competition and the traditional methods no longer apply.

In the face of all this change, it is imperative that you have access to your own authentic core in order to succeed in a high-stakes, high-anxiety, competitive industry where both intense individual efforts and complex teamwork are required to compete.

I work with ad executives and their clients to achieve fearless, peak personal performance, for themselves and for their agencies.  I especially understand agency leaders and their issues, because I was one:  Executive Vice President of Saatchi & Saatchi. I know what peak performance looks like for a world-class agency executive. The great ones take risks-they know they can’t win them all so they ultimately trust their gut, their heart, and their experience. Isn’t that why you were hired?

I also know what change looks like; navigated the waters of new management, dealt with demanding and challenging clients, faced the fear of promotions and firings, dealt with mergers, changing management issues, client handling, new business challenges, creative /account management conflicts-all the ones you are dealing with today.

A Quick Self Assessment

If you are management:

If you are hoping to be management:

What’s True?

The paradox of working in a corporate environment is that you were hired because of your unique talents and skills-and then trained to fit into the corporate culture. As a result your true authentic self can get squashed and you become a less effective executive.

If you run an ad agency, you were hired by your clients because of your great work and then often asked to do pedestrian, safe work by those same clients (who tend to be risk averse). As a result, the agency’s creative output is diminished and the client may become dissatisfied.

If you are a key employee as you rise up the corporate ladder you will find that the higher you climb, the more authentic the people you encounter are. At the highest levels you will discover people operating with the highest values such as; integrity, honesty, and loyalty. And yet, you struggle to operate at this level, because you do not trust yourself or trust that the system will support you.

Authentic Self

In all these situations there is one common denominator. You are not operating at your highest level of performance because you are not being your authentic self.

So how does a corporate executive or agency owner achieve this level of top performance?  The answer in a word is to be your authentic self. That is what my coaching program is about.

Be more successful by being more you.

These are just some of the issues that agency people and their clients have to deal with today. I have seen it all from both sides of the desk.  Why work with a coach who only knows your business theoretically when you can work with one who knows it intimately?  One who actually experienced all these issues and more during a very successful career as a top ad executive?

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My Method

I am a professional certified coach — PCC. I have a tool box full of techniques and practices depending upon the client and circumstances. My primary model is the co-active coaching model as created by the leading accredited training organization Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and in which I have been certified (CPCC). That means I view my clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. I do not hold my clients as if they need help but rather as a great unrealized potential waiting to be tapped and manifested.

When appropriate I utilize specific elements of emotional quotient (EQ) style practice, or bring in the pragmatic CoachU approach in which I also have been awarded a certificate of completion.


“David’s style works well for me.  He understands agency culture and the unique challenges involved in the business.   He also looks at the whole situation–professional, personal, family, financial–and the balance between them, as well the importance as making commitments and keeping promises to yourself.  I have gained a lot in a short period of time working with David and always appreciate his honest point of view, sense of humor and realistic ideas for helping me thrive.”-Clint White, President, WiT Media

The conversations we had during coaching have had great staying power. David’s comments and questions, my own statements during our phone calls… these come back to me from time to time and continue to resonate. Sometimes they provide guidance, other times a simple chuckle — either way a terrific boost.“-Former Municipal Executive

“I’ve learned a ton from working with David. He has encouraged me, focused me, challenged me in all the right ways. He is a damn good coach.”-Head of production at a leading global ad agency

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