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Strategic Coaching for Organizations

A word about “Strategic Coaching”

Most of you may be familiar with strategic planning. That work is mostly done by consultants who have specific expertise. They collaborate with an organization,  or even an individual person  and tell them what is needed to change in order to succeed.  It can be effective because they bring an objective view and can often discover blind spots that you can’t see on your own. But as I see it, it has an inherent flaw. With that approach it is like giving a person a proverbial fish. The expertise stays with the consultant and too often the insights and planning that come out of the process are not implemented. Let’s face it, most people and organizations resist change. And a good plan will usually require change of some kind which calls for a stretch.  Just as with a rubber band when it stretches it wants to rebound back into comfortable and familiar patterns. That is often what happens with strategic plans as they get filed away and folks go back to same old, same old.

Combating the “rebound” effect

I use my many years of high level corporate experience, marketing expertise, consulting skills, and combine it all with world class professional coaching, so my clients discover their own strategic plan right under their nose.  In other words, they learn how to fish. I call it strategic coaching because I provide strategic planning from a coaching perspective. When it is the client’s plan there is a greater likelihood of it being implemented.  Of course, when the moment is right, I put on my consultant hat and share my expertise.

Colleges and college art museums are two of my special area of expertise. I recently helped develop the strategic plans for the Dorsky Museum at New Paltz and advise the museum on marketing activities.  The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar College is another client that has benefited from my strategic coaching. I am the branding and marketing consultant at SUNY New Paltz and have played an integral role in that institution’s rise in public perception over the last several years.  I also work with non-profits like The Center for Creative Education in Kingston NY.

Become a non-client, fast!

My goal is to make you a non-client as soon as possible, so you can go out there and implement your own plan. It works!  Read what a few of my clients say on the testimonial page.


“David listens, he waits and then pounces intelligently and appropriately. He provided me with a safe guided space to ‘get off it’ and get back to being in charge of my life, my job and my actions.”-Jeff Simons, Director, Integrated Marketing

“David has an uncanny ability to cut through to the heart of a matter and get us to focus on essentials. His wealth of knowledge in the areas of strategic planning and marketing has helped us better shape our message and get it out more effectively. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”-Ev Mann, Executive Director, Center for Creative Education

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