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The Can’t Series #2: How to Look Through the ‘Magic’ Mirror

We are all hampered by barriers we can’t see. To break through those barriers you first must realize what they are costing you.

In the “Can’t Series,” I describe the invisible factors that are at play behind the scenes and are holding you back from success. To empower yourself, you need to face these mysterious forces. The first step is to take a hard look at what these barriers are costing you.

People are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.

My coaching clients are usually successful but may be dealing with a challenge, a change of some kind, or possibly a sense of being stuck. Others are doing well but want to achieve a big dream or manifest their vision. Either way, they find something in the way of their success and are not sure what it is. I call this “The Can’t.”

As part of my coaching approach, I allow them to see the opportunity they have in facing whatever situation has arisen. People will resolve whatever needs to be addressed with the natural wisdom and tools they already possess. All they need is a mirror to see the situation and themselves in a whole new light. One of my clients calls this “David’s magic mirror.”

The mirror shows the cost of aliveness.

The first step in looking at the mirror is to get a clear picture of the cost in your life of the barrier stopping you. To achieve something big, you must harness your power to be fully alive and present. When opportunities arise, you must be ready to see them and move quickly into action. The “Can’t” will slow you down if you let it. “The Can’t” lives in either the past or the future, but never the present. In the present, there is only now and that is where all your power resides. So, the first cost of The Can’t is loss of aliveness and presence.

The cost of self-expression.

The next cost you will see is the lack of full self-expression. Whenever you step up for something that is important to you, the universe puts up challenges for you to overcome. Those challenges can seem threatening to your ego, to your sense of agency, and possibly at some level, to your survival. When that occurs, we go into fight/flight mode, which is not a productive or powerful way to deal with whatever comes up.

What you need is full self-expression to access the unique and awesome power of you. Full self-expression means not being afraid of threatening situations. We all do well when things are familiar, but in the face of challenge, you need access to you.

The cost of risk-avoidance.

The final cost is an avoidance of risk. We learn to duck our heads in the face of challenges. However, to achieve something great, we must take calculated risks. It is how we learn and grow. Risk-taking requires you to be fully in touch with your natural resourcefulness. If you haven’t faced the barrier to risk taking, it will hold you back.

By looking into the magic mirror, you can take a look at that hidden barrier. Seeing your barrier leads to insight and insight leads to action. Problems turn into challenges, challenges lead to change, change to opportunity, opportunity to growth, and growth to success—which then begins the process anew.

To read the first part of this series, click hereStay on the lookout for future posts as I continue to write about “The Can’t”.




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