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Business Coaching Secret # 1- How to Get Unstuck & Change Your Career

Through this seven-step process, you can change your situation just by changing your mind.

One of our biggest problems is that we think. Of course, we really have no choice about thinking. However, while we are thinking a strange thing is happening; we forget that we are thinking. We have a thought and it occurs to us as reality. Worse, we then think that our thoughts are the truth. This is not effective, especially when you are stuck on a problem or issue. To get unstuck, you need a new way of thinking.

Change for the Better

When people come to career coaching they want to change something for the better.  One way to change is by recognizing the fact that you are not having thoughts; your thoughts are having you. It has been estimated that humans have about 50,000 thoughts per day. These thoughts run automatically from environmental triggers, conditioned and formed by your past or your emotional makeup.

If what you thought was the absolute truth then everyone would agree on it—for instance, if everyone agreed on what the best super bowl commercial is. But they don’t. Thoughts are just a point of view.

Change Your Point of View

Here’s the good news: You can change your point of view. When you change your point of view, everything changes. What looked like a problem becomes an opportunity or just another challenge. What looked risky becomes potentially fun.

The question is: Are you committed to staying stuck with the same old thought because you think it’s the truth? Or are you willing to change your point of view and move on to greater success? If you want to get un-stuck, follow the professional coaching tip below that I learned at CTI (Coaches Training Institute) when I got certified as a Certified Professional Co-active Coach.

Professional Tip #1

Here is an effective exercise to change your thinking and get you unstuck.

Step 1. Name and describe an issue or situation you can’t seem to solve. To create an alternative point of view, you must start with a change in your body perspective.

Step 2. Stand up and face in the opposite direction of wherever you are and think about the issue from the opposite point of view. Get clear about how you see the same issue from this new point of view.

Step 3. Then, find a window or door to look through. Use whatever you observe to generate yet another point of view about the same issue you are stuck on.

Step 4. Now get creative and imagine what you as a four-year-old might say about the same issue. You can even imagine what your dog might think by getting down on all fours.

Step 5. Create five or six alternative perspectives on the same issue. As you keep changing your perspective, see each one as a possible alternative truth.

Step 6. Pick one new point of view that resonates most with you and adopt that attitude. as the new “truth”.

Step 7. Create a course of action from that new “truth” and start acting on your plan. You must walk the talk to make this work. Your new perspective will produce new actions on your part, allowing you to get un-stuck.

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