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Business Coaching Secret #4: Believe In Yourself To Achieve Your Career Goals

business coaching roger bannisterWhat stopped men from running a four-minute mile before Roger Bannister did it for the first time?

Nobody had ever been able to break the four-minute mile barrier. The “experts” said that it was impossible. We humans are more than willing to sign up for what is considered “accepted belief”. We like to think that we think for ourselves, but I’m sorry to say, it’s often just not the case.

Break The Barrier.

Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile barrier on May 6th, 1954. Was he simply superhuman? Nope! As soon as he accomplished his breakthrough it became commonplace to run a four-minute mile. Another runner, only weeks after Bannister, ran an even faster mile, but we don’t remember him because he was not the one to break the barrier. In fact, Bannister was just like you and me—though, he did have one quality that others of his time lacked.

Bannister Had What No One Else Had—Belief In Himself

Bannister believed he could do it and was not willing to let conventional wisdom stop him. The only thing that stopped everyone from running the four-minute mile was the belief that it couldn’t be done. And the only thing that allowed those who followed him to break through their barrier was the belief that it could be done. It’s not the barrier that is stopping you, it is the limiting belief behind it. Belief is either inspiring or inhibiting. It is your choice.

Achieving Your Career Goals Requires Believing

What usually comes up as soon as you set up a career goal is fear. Fear that you can’t do it, don’t know how you’ll get there, maybe you’re not quite good enough… you fill in the blank. Fear is inexorably tied into your beliefs. Not only that, the universe is set up to put roadblocks in your way as soon as you create a big goal.

How To Get Past Your Fears & Achieve Your Career Vision

First, recognize that you do have a belief system. That can be difficult because, as stated in Business Coaching Secret # 1, we think our thoughts are the truth rather than simply a belief. Those beliefs drive your thoughts.

Once You Can Own Your Beliefs, You Have The Power To Change Them & Be Successful

Owning your beliefs means taking responsibility for having created them. Here is a simple technique to demonstrate how beliefs work. Follow these instructions now.

  1. Stand up and reach with your hand as high as you can on the wall. Do that now before you read the rest of the instructions.
  2. Most people say that it’s the highest they can go.
  3. Now go back to the wall and reach a little higher – really, really stretch as high as you can go.

I guarantee you will be able to go at least a millimeter higher. Same thing with Roger Bannister. He just kept saying, “I can go higher”, or in his case, faster. It is that little millimeter that makes the difference between middle of the pack and success. And it starts with believing.

Business Coaching Tip #4

An Exercise in Self-Reflection & Achieving Your Career Goals

Look at an area where you are stuck. Now ask yourself-what do I believe about this? Where are you saying, “it has to be this way and only this way”? That is your limiting belief and your ability to achieve your career vision. Once we identify the underlying belief there is usually an “aha” moment.

Vampire Beliefs

A limiting belief is like a vampire. Its power depends upon living in darkness. As a career coach, I shine the light on the belief while the belief tries to shun the light. The more there is light, the less power the belief has over you. Given the power over your own hidden beliefs and the choice of creating new ones, you will always choose positive and fulfilling ones. This exercise will not eliminate the belief overnight – that will take some work—but the key is to start taking responsibility for having created your belief in the first place.  



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